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A quality roofing should not only be attractive, but also provide reliable hydro, heat and sound insulation. Among numerous roofing materials one of the most popular is tile. Different material is used for the manufacture of this material, on the basis of which the tile is divided into types with certain qualities and characteristics. In addition to the aesthetic look, tile is a functional material and is perfect for roofing replacement for residential and office buildings.

Types of tiles:

  • Metal tile

This type is one of the most popular and comes in the form of profiled sheets and tiles. Externally, it is similar to a natural one. Galvanized steel is used for its manufacture, which is processed by various methods to improve its performance characteristics. It can be coated with acrylic paints, primers, decorative layers and other materials. It also differs in a variety of forms, ranging from scales to wavy folds.

Advantages: a large selection of shapes and colors, simple installation, long service life.

  • GAF

Clay used and other components are used for its manufacture. The technological process is based on the creation of certain forms of previously prepared mixtures, which consist of the base material and various plasticizers, which increase the strength functions of the product. Due to high-quality heat treatment, the material resists the temperature changes better, and frost resistance is increased.

The price of tile is high enough. To install it you will need to use additional materials, for example, front and end tile. If the material is applied near the forest, then moss may appear on the surface. To prevent such formations, it is necessary to use special impregnations.

Among all advantages durability, reliability and no need for repair or maintenance can be highlighted.

  • Asphalt shingle

This tile can be used on roofs, the angle of which does not exceed 12-15 degrees. The basis of this material is a flexible plate, which is processed by various minerals. These substances can have a different shade, which makes it possible to choose a color individually. Asphalt shingle is mounted on a wooden crate.

Advantages include excellent cutting ability, workability and flexibility. Due to its elasticity, tile can take different forms and are suitable for complex roofs.

The service life depends on the quality of the installation and can be from 10 to 20 years. The surface of the tile does not need careful maintenance, and repair of damaged tiles is fast and easy.

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