Good operation of your window depends on the correct and high-quality installation. Windows installation should be made in accordance with the regulations. Therefore, if you decide to replace the old windows or install new ones from scratch, then you should use the services of a specialist.

Windows installation begins with the preparatory works:

  • curtains and drapes should be removed from the window as well as all items from the window sill;
  • there should be no furniture near the windows, and it should be 1.5 meters of free space;
  • it is necessary to remove all carpets and clear the passages to the window;
  • the floors must be covered with cardboard or polyethylene, where installation work will be carried out.

The installation itself is carried out according to the following principle:

  • all necessary measurements are taken in advance;
  • windows are made according to the individual project;
  • and they are delivered to the installation site;
  • old windows are dismantled;
  • the opening is cleared of garbage and chips;
  • holes are drilled at the planned points;
  • a window construction is installed;
  • the valves are assembled;
  • adjustment of accessories is carried out;
  • mounting seams and reveals are sealed.

Today, manufacturers offer plastic, wooden and fiberglass windows. The latter are new in the market of windows. They are rapidly gaining popularity, differing from ordinary plastic windows in firmness and durability.

Fiberglass composite is used for the manufacture of fiberglass windows. This material is based on laminated plastic. It has been used in the military and space industry for more than half a century. Hulls of boats and airplanes, parts of the spaceship cover and cars are made of it. The basis for the manufacture of fiberglass composite is fiberglass cloth. It is treated with epoxy or polyester resins, which are fused into threads of glass fiber. As a result of this combination, a completely unique material is obtained. Fiberglass does not burn and rot, it is lightweight, has a thermal conductivity of wood and firmness of steel.

Fiberglass windows have numerous advantages:

  • high thermal conductivity;
  • simple frame design - there is no need to install multi-chamber structures that are typical for PVC windows;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • high moisture resistance and noise insulation in comparison with metal-plastic windows;
  • increased firmness - without significant deformation, they are able to withstand a load of up to 850-900 pounds.

The price of the windows has a fairly large range. It depends on the type of window, its size, and materials from which it is made.

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