Siding has gained its popularity in Harleysville for its ease of installation and excellent performance. Siding installation can be carried out personally, but it is necessary to have some certain knowledge. Special tools are required for installation of the siding. It should also be kept in mind that siding, like any finishing materials, will expand or shrink due to temperature impact, therefore you should avoid the tension of the panels and not nail them on the crate tightly. Most often a gap of 2 or 3 mm is enough.

Siding panels are fastened with galvanized self-tapping screws, which have a rounded head and do not have a drill. Fastening of the siding should be carried out only in the center, and not from the edges.

If the house has uneven walls, then you will need a crate. When performing siding without crates, all uneven surfaces of the walls will be visible. However, experts recommend even with ideal walls to make a crate to provide the ventilation of the facade or to insulate the walls.

Before you install siding, you must select the appropriate type:

  • Vinyl

It is made of PVC of various sizes. It can imitate siding made of wood, natural stone or brick. The advantages include a wide range of colors, lightness, weather resistance, low price.

  • Wooden

This type of siding should be perfectly dried and treated with special antiseptics. The advantages include environmental friendliness, high thermal insulation, high aesthetic qualities.

  • Metal

Aluminum, steel, and zinc siding are used for cladding. Advantages: durability, resistance to temperature changes, no problems with mold and other microflora, firmness.

  • Fiber-cement

It is made of cement, sand, water and cellulose fiber. The advantages of this siding are resistance to the impact of the sun and precipitation, it does neither burn nor rot, it has strength and reliability, easily tolerates high and low temperatures, does not need special care.

Each of these types of siding has its own cost, which you can find out from our managers. We not only supply siding but also carry out siding installation. Therefore, our managers will not only be able to tell the cost of the siding sheet but also calculate the cost of installation works.

We are the best siding installation and replacement contractor in Harleysville. Your house will instantly transform with our help.

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