It is difficult to imagine a house in Harleysville, which has no roofing. After all, then it is not a house at all. The roofing is an important part of the house; it prevents precipitation from getting inside and also provides heat preservation indoors.

The roofing is the most diverse and if the house is already built, the roof is selected in accordance with the characteristics of the house. If the house is under construction, then the roof can be any, since it is possible to “fit” the house to its requirements. What is the reason? The roofing may be lightweight, but there are materials that are quite heavy. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the condition of the beams in the already built house and calculate how much weight they can withstand. And on the basis of obtained data, it is better to select a suitable roof. If the house is only being built, then it is possible to strengthen the walls under the selected roof and install powerful beams that will easily withstand the expected load.

Types of the roof:

  • mansard - it can be double-pitched or gambrel double-pitched;
  • mono-pitched;
  • flat;
  • hip.

The installation of the roof begins with the installation of the curb plate around the perimeter. Then the beam is installed, and only after that, the mounting of the rafter system begins. And then this surface is covered with roofing materials.

Metal roofing, slate, onduline, copper or aluminum, asphalt shingle, ceramic tiles, sand-cement tiles, and many other materials are used for the roofing. Thick and high-quality wood is always used for the basis of the roof, it is impregnated with special means, in order not to attract insects and not to absorb moisture.

The beauty of the roofing affects its cost since the unique roof will require appropriate materials. In addition, you can use a certain color to make roof beautiful, and this is possible thanks to a wide range of color of the roofing. It all depends on individual preferences.

The price of the roof is formed per square meter, and you can find out the exact cost only from the manager. The peculiarities of the roof, type of used materials and many other factors will be taken into account while calculating.

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